Friday , August 14th 2020
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Simple Solar Panel Sun Tracker from an Old Satellite TV Dish

Simple Solar Panel Sun Tracker from an Old Satellite TV Dish

This was a fun project and you will enjoy the flexibility of rotating the solar panel to track the sun.
After watching a few YouTube videos, I decided to make this style solar tracker. The overall project took about 2 days and there were chances to be creative with some of the modifications.
Most of the materials were scavenged from around the workshop, garage sales and leftover home renovations.
The basic setup is an old Satellite TV dish mount, 2 IKEA cabinet metal rails, (8) nuts, bolts, washers, and some homemade “Z” clamps. For the mast or tower, I found a piece of fence pipe slightly bigger and it slid over the satellite shaft. It acted as a collar. This piece then slid over a 10-foot section of long pipe from the top rail of a chain link fence. The satellite dish shaft was machine screwed to the collar. I added bearing grease the chain link fence pipe and the entire mount could easily rotate. Watch the video to learn how or check out more at the website

Helpful Links
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