Saturday , August 15th 2020
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Rcsbtd 3.5 inch LCD Color Screen Portable Digital Orbiter Finder Meter(Black)

Product Features:

    5 inch LCD Colouration Screen Portable Digital Satellite Finder Meter(Black)5 inch LCD Gloss Screen(SATLINK WS6906)Lively FTA Digital Picture and SoundAV in and AV out functionBit Error Rate ReadoutCarrier to Noise ReadoutDBuV ReadoutLithium-ion 1950mA batteryFully DVB Compliant(SATLINK WS6906)Freq range: 950mHz-2150mHzSymbol rate: 2mbps-45mbpsVideo format: PAL, NTSC, SECAMCharger: 90 - 240VSupply voltage:…
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Product Description

5 inch LCD Colouration Screen Portable Digital Satellite Finder Meter(Black)
5 inch LCD Gloss Screen(SATLINK WS6906)
Lively FTA Digital Picture and Sound
AV in and AV out function
Bit Error Rate Readout
Carrier to Noise Readout
DBuV Readout
Lithium-ion 1950mA battery
Fully DVB Compliant(SATLINK WS6906)
Freq range: 950mHz-2150mHz
Symbol rate: 2mbps-45mbps
Video format: PAL, NTSC, SECAM
Charger: 90 – 240V
Supply voltage: 12.6V
USB Cable & Strap
Video decoder: MPEG 2 (Main Proflie@Independent Level), Data Rate (up to 15M bits/s), Resolution (720*576,720*480), Video format (PAL/NTSC/SECAM).
LNB/Tuner input: Connector (F type, male), frequency range (950MHz-2150MHz), Sign lever (-65dBm-25dBm), LNB supply (13/18V, max 400mA), LNB switch control (22KHz), DiSEqC (Ver 1.0).
MPEG Audio:Sampling rates(3244.1 and 48KHz).
Digital tuner input: F type, male.

Product Features

  • DiSEqC & 22kHz Switch Control
  • Sound warning prompt locking planet
  • Signal grade: 65dbm-25dbm
  • Software Upgradeable via USB
  • Watch the relieve channels